Monastery Courtyard
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"We nourish each other through our strict commitment to silence" says the abbot with an impenetrably austere look.

"You may stay here for as long as you wish for a small fee, we have a doctor who will tend to any wounds. However, we abide by a vow of silence. You may only talk for the hour following dawn", and only in your dormitary.'

The grounds of the monastery are stunningly beautiful, you are well looked after and although your room is simple it is pleasant enough. It's certainly a relief to be in the small oasis of civilisation and tranquility after travelling in the wilderness. The monastery houses 50 or so monks and being on a crossroads it seems to be a popular hub for travellers.

You see a well dressed elf, another visitor, who spends his time reading in the courtyard, he smiles at you displaying a golden tooth. He looks out of place here but due to the silence you can't talk to him until the following.

By mid afternoon he has disappeared, leaving his book in the courtyard, you notice his bed linen in the dormitory has been changed, likely having checked out.

Later that evening you are sat underneath the window of your dormitory in the courtyard eating your supper of hearty broth. You bite on something hard and spit it back into your bowl. It's a golden tooth.

The abbot, along with an entourage of monks just so happen to be walking past. He sees the tooth and your look of horror.

"Shhh" says the abbot, putting his finger to his lips. The monks advance towards you..


RPG Drone Maps Sample - Magnesium Filtra
Magnesium Filtration

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"The only place I know that you could do that is the atmospheric filtration nodules, district 104" Says the old man. The smile leaks from his worn face and the glint in his one remaining eye withdraws. He no longer looks at your face, but scans the ground, fingering his talisman.


"That's... that's in the non-bio sector. Follow conduit 122x north and when you smell sulphur head west. It's a level 4 security zone but arbiters won't go there so you needn't worry about the them dragging you back to a correction facility. You might wish they had though, theres not even a rat within 40 clicks of that place.

"If you gotta go run this fools errand, take a gamma-guage and rad pills. Get a decent mask with a vomit port, and a spare. If you get back within two days a young'un like you probably won't have liver failure, but that's not your main worry.

The automata, they keep it all working so we can breathe. Top tier programming is tightening nuts and bolts and refilling grease ports but their safety subroutines are as messed up as this planet is. You're not going to like being caught by them, having your head screwed into your shoulders and all of your ports filled with boiling chemfluid. Well, maybe thats your thing, but there's people here who'll oblige if you ask nicely, and it'll save you the walk."