Scifi CharacTable
  • Scifi CharacTable

    The Scifi CharacTable is for the techy player of role playing games. A tablet dock and a phone dock give access to apps and there is a port in the middle of the two docks that fits a USB splitter (sold separately). There are slots for charging cables and space for a battery (also sold separately but only available in the EU due to shipping restrictions). The Scifi CharacTable comes in right handed or left handed versions. Made of 29mm plywood, the board will last a lifetime. The model supplied may differ slightly from pictured as slight improvements have been made on the design.


    FSC Certified Sustainable 29mm Birch Ply body
    US Letter/A4 Character Sheet Board
    White Magnetic Side Tab
    Mobile Phone Dock (with charger cable rout)
    Tablet Dock (with charger cable rout)
    Pencil/Pen Holder 
    Papermate Magnetic Pencil + Eraser

    4.25" x 5.5" / A5 Jotter Pad Dock (Pad included)
    Neoprene Lined Dice Tray
    6mm Ply Lid


      Weight: 3kg (including paper and tabs)

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