• RPG Drone Maps GOLD Package

    450 Map Images at 5472x3078 (17MP)
    35 Video Maps at 1080P

    This product link will continue to update and gold backers will have access to all new content. By March 2020 there will be around 600 Map Images and 70 Videos.

    Natural: Forests, rivers, oceans, deserts, caves, jungles, swamps

    Fantasy: Castles, ruins, medieval towns, dungeons, ancient bridges, houses

    Vintage: Quirky or old industry, wharfs, barges, old aircraft, bunkers, cobbled streets and unusual architecture for steampunk, for WW1/2 or cold war era campaigns

    Contemporary: Factories, commercial, residential, city, town.

    Futuristic: Modern architecture and shapes, futuristic tech

    Apocalyptic: Toxic waste, derelict machines, destroyed buildings

    Sample Map here