• GamesMaster CharacTable

    The GamesMaster CharacTable board is designed for gamesmasters and maximum flexibility. The model supplied may differ slightly from pictured. Made of 25mm plywood, the board will last a lifetime, though there is an option for 3 coats of Hydroline invisible coating which seals and protects against stains but keeps the natural plywood look.

    FSC Certified Sustainable 29mm Birch Ply body
    US Letter/A4 Character Sheet Board
    White Magnetic Side Tab
    Mobile Phone Dock (with charger cable rout)
    Tablet Dock (with charger cable rout)
    Pencil/Pen Holder 
    Papermate Magnetic Pencil + Eraser

    4.25" x 5.5" (if US version) or A5 (if A4 version) Jotter Pad Dock 
    4.25" x 5.5" (if US version) or A5 (if A4 version) Jotter Pad
    Four 3" x 3" Sticky Trays
    Four 3" x 3" Sticky Pads, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue
    Wide Neoprene Lined Dice Tray
    Tall Neoprene Lined Miniature/Stuff Tray
    6mm Ply Lid


      Weight: 5kg (including paper and tabs)

    • Worldwide Delivery

      3-5 days EU
      10-14 days US
      10-14 days Australia
      Please contact us for delivery time for other regions.