TAACC2021 Artists Submission Form

Closing date October 2019

This form is what we use to collate all the information we get from artists around the Triratna Buddhist Community. We have many more submissions than available pages in the book so a panel of artists specially selected to have experience and broad variety of perspectives have the difficult job of keeping the applications down to an affordable number. This year we also have an online version which should allow us to feature more artists and also more effectively feature a greater variety of mediums, most notably film, music and the spoken word. Please fill out the form and we will do our best to get your work seen by those who might appreciate it most.

Unpublished Details

5. If you feel you may be able to donate any more if your submission is featured in the book please let us know here. Please remember this does not affect how likely it is for your work to be included.

6. Is your craft part of your livelihood?            No                  Yes

7. We are looking for:

    - More Artists, creative people and craftsmen to apply
    - Fundraisers who can put on fundraising meals or exhibitions
    - Patrons

    - Proof Readers for the book
    - Graphic Designers to liaise with artists and produce the book

Please spend a few moments thinking of anyone who may be able to help. You can contact them or include any recommendations below.

8. I certify that everything submitted in this form is true to my understanding and any information or content is not under copyright, copyrighted by myself or I have the legal authority to grant the use of such material. I understand all content I submit in response to questions 1 to 10 will not be made public or passed onto anyone else. I am willing for any content I submit under questions 10 to 16 (under the heading of 'Information to be Published') to be featured in the Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue 2021 and on the clearvisiontrust.org website and a Triratna Arts and Culture website.

                                                                               No                  Yes

9. Additional notes to the Producer, Editor or Designer relating to your submission

1. Full Legal Name

2. Private Contact Email Address

3. Telephone Number (including international code)

The Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue is a project entirely run by volunteers giving of skills and time. All income is spent on documenting and making the process of forming a modern, relevant Buddhist culture more visible, more collaborative and more effective. All income is from Dana. Whether you donate or not has no bearing at all on whether your work is featured in the catalogue. It does, however, have a huge bearing on how effective this project is in its aims.

Artists in previous editions have provided a significant portion of the budget through fundraising and through donation. It costs £130 for each included submission which will get their art seen by tens of thousands of people across every Triratna Buddhist centre worldwide.

4. If you can donate money please pledge an amount here

Public Details and Application

Information in this area may be published with full accreditation in the Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue 2021 and/or in any online versions of the catalogue on the clearvisiontrust.org website or on an official Triratna Arts and Culture website

10. Name as you wish for it to appear on your page

11. Location (country/area as you wish for it to appear on your page)

12. Title (max 65 characters)
    -I'm the third generation of my family to make pottery
    -Poetry found here and there lying around my life

    -Traditional Glassblowing, but the real medium is sunlight


13. Short Blurb (max 800 Characters)

Do -Give an overview of the practical process

Do -Say how your work and your practice relate to each other
Do -Write in first person
Do -Reference any relevant education, qualification, mentorship or inspiration
Do -Include other relevant peoples quotes about your work

Don't -Tell the viewer how your work should make them feel/think
Don't -Describe the contents of a picture they can already see

The maximum is 800 characters but it's highly recommended you keep to below 400 words as in previous editions long text blocks tended not to get read. Also, the more words on your page the smaller the space for graphical content.

14. Connection and Business (max 100 Characters)

Email or website for those requesting a commission. You don't need much here, just a way for a reader to pursue a connection with you as an artist.


Creative Content

15. Written Content
This box is for a longer written submission only for those artists who's craft cannot be conveyed in an image such as:



    -Spoken Word Performers

Include here a fuller account of your, including descriptions, reviews or examples, in any way you see fit. Be selective. The more you include the less attention each word will get.

Feel free to include youTube, Vimeo or other links which may be featured in the online version of the catalogue. Anyone who submits a written submission under this heading can also have photos but they will be small.

16. Image Content
Please send up to 6 photos of your work that you would like featured of around 8 megapixels (approximately 3000x2500). Larger size is fine.

Please label the file your name (shown in grey) followed by a number (in purple) in the order of preference of which you would most like to feature in the catalogue. Finally the title of the piece in the photo (shown in red).

AngelaSmith1OldMan.jpg                (favourite)
AngelaSmith4SevernStones.jpg    (least favourite)

Any other images, label with your name and an appropriate tag and add a note in the notes section near the top of this page



Image 1
Image 4
Image 2
Image 5
Image 3
Image 6

Please wait a few minutes for images to upload and confirmation screen