Jason K

Just wanted to take a moment to call out Mat for his amazing care, attention, and dedication to backers even (and especially) during this crazy hectic time.


Mat took care of my issues in private chats, but I wanted to thank him here in public, so:


Thanks, Mat! You've really come through for me and I appreciate it very much. I can't wait to get my boards and wouldn't hesitate to back another project of yours in the future.

Stewart S

Mine Arrived today! It's a beaut! Nice and chunky. Nicely finished. Glad I backed this. Great work Matt. That is a superbly executed Kickstarter. :)

Jeff L

I got mine in today. I suspect US Customs took their sweet time releasing it.

It. Is. Spectacular.

Jen E

Love my sci-fi table and it causes quite a stir when people see it for the first time!




They came! Oh my goodness so awesome! The laser etching was worth waiting for!




Whouhou !!! After some postal adventures... my SFCHARACTABLE finally arrived today ! SPLENDID ! Great job Matt !




Picked mine up and I am really happy with it.



Dan K

I got my SF board today, and I'm very happy with it. Looking at that blank canvas of a cover (apart from the name, which I'm happy to have there), I'm going to have to come up with something to decorate it. I have a lot of pins that I think can work. Drill a small hole for the pin, put down some epoxy to hold it in. I may stain it first though.

Thanks for the great item! Mine is coming with me to GenCon this year, and NecronomiCon next year!



It turned out lovely <3 You and everyone who took part in making these did a great job.


Henry B

Received mine yesterday evening & I’m pleased with how it came out.


Elizabeth B

Received mine today So happy!


Geeks for the Geek God

Arrived today. It's awesome. Thank you.




Received. Thanks Matt. Very happy with it.


Johan L

Got mine today! :)

It looks waaay better than I thought it would (and I thought that it would look good :p)

Great work Matt! :D




Isaac W

Got my SF board earlier today and it was just in time for tonight's session. So happy!


Stevie T

Got mine today! Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to use it


Tracy O

Completely in love with my boards!


George H

I got mine in the mail yesterday thanks so much it looks so good :)



Seda C

I got my board earlier this week which was a nice surprise! It looks great and I can't wait to use it tomorrow night!




Nathan E

2 months ago

Got my lefty Sci-Fi board. Fantastic job Matthew and team, really impressed with the end product and how you conducted yourself throughout this Kickstarter - many creators on here could learn a lesson or five from this campaign, particularly acknowledging that communication is free! Look forward to the next project ;)




Christopher R

Thank you so much for the Sci-fi board.. Just arrived.. Looks amazing.




oh and by the way loved the OS boards so much just ordered 6 more for my tables at cons and events I go to. Thank you for a great product



Michael H

Mine just arrived an hour ago. I am very impressed. You did everything right. When things got bumpy, you communicated openly and honestly. You offered options. You were candid. And you delivered on your promise as soon as you could. You should be proud.


The Monkey

First impressions...wow, great job Matt and Co. These boards are great, solid pieces of kit that will see some good, prolonged usage, probably starting this weekend. The magnet strength is just right and combined with all the pads, pencils, and bits n pieces it makes for a fine purchase. Very happy that I backed this! Also...love The General Ledger...that was a surprise... ;)



Jen H

Mines just arrived, UK os board, can’t wait to start using it at our next pathfinder outing



Got mine too today, thanks Matthew !


It is awesome !



Jamie G

Absolutely love my boards! My various D&D groups are so jealous! They want one too. Muahahaha - yes I told them to go to the site. 5⭐️!





Been an awesome Kickstarter. Thanks so much for the project. Love the boards. Other creators could learn so much from your professionalism and transparency. I look forward to your next idea ;)




Tracy O
I got my boards and they are so much more awesome than I had anticipated! Worth the wait for sure 🙌❤️