removals & haulage

Short lead times
Local, national & international contracts
Friendly & reliable service


Van: Charged equal to an Executive UBER taxi
Driver: £15/hr
Manual Labour: £15/hr (up to 3 people available)

Van size: 6m x 2m ( x 2m height)
Tail lift: 750kgMaximum load: 1200kg

What you can do to help the move go quickly, cheaply and stress free:
- Have a clear out of unwanted items in the weeks before you move. Don't leave it until afterwards, it's far more work!
- Have all items boxed and taped so they are stackable prior to the move. This reduces the number of journeys

- Move some items downstairs during the day before
- Reserve a parking space at least 9m long as close to your door as possible
- Do not attempt to move anything heavy on your own or that you are not confident moving
- Have a day bag with essential personal items  such as kettle, teabags, cutlery, one mug, mobile phone charger, soap etc so you have what you need at your destination
- Disassemble any items prior to the move or makes sure you have tools to do so on the day
- Start early in the morning
- Request extra labour from me or get friends to join in

Terms & Conditions



Unless quoted otherwise the cost of each individual journey is the cost of an Executive Uber taxi at the time of departure with a minimum cost of £30.

The cost of the driver and any labour is £15 per hour per person. The chargeable time starts at the time agreed or the time of arrival (whichever is later) and ends when the job is done or when we leave (whichever is sooner).


Estimates & QuotesAny estimates of time or cost will be called estimates and do not constitute a binding quote, they are simply to give an indication of predicted price. If a quote is required please request one. Any quotes will explicitly be called a quote and do constitute a contract.

We accept paypal, cash or bank transfer. There is no discount for cash.


There are available
 up to 3 people for manual labour but this must be confirmed 2 weeks before the job.


We will endeavour to complete the job in the time estimated and available but do not guarantee completion as standard because so many other factors are present. If you must have all items transported by a particular date/time please tell prior to the job. We can allocate more people to the job to guarantee completion if necessary.


We will work at least up until the estimated completion time (if unspecified consider this to be 8am-6pm) and we may negotiate further hours outside of these times. Unscheduled overtime is usually £25/hr as it will invariably mean long and strenuous day!


Heavy lifting requires brief breaks between lifts. Every 4 hours we will take a paid 30 minute break for food. If at all possible we will incorporate this break into our journey time.


We are capable of transporting nearly all furniture including pianos but for our own safety and the safety of your furniture we will not lift any item that is too heavy, unstable, dangerous, sharp or fragile to carry. As standard we will not take full fish tanks, hazardous chemicals or live creatures. If any item is in doubt please highlight this in the initial survey and we will confirm we can transport it.


The van is 4m x 2m x 2m with a 750kg tail lift. We need an area 7m x 3m to park. The closer this is to your property the quicker and cheaper the labour will be.


We recommend all small items are packed into stackable boxes prior to our arrival and labelled with a marker which room they will go to if multiple rooms are at the drop off. Please do not pack boxes heavier than 15kg (a single person lift). Boxes must be stackable unless they are clearly marked ‘unstackable’.


We require a competent person on site at all times during loading and unloading to advise handling and location of moved items, unless agreed otherwise.


We are able to dismantle and reassemble furniture but as standard this is not factored into estimates of time and cost. Please specify if this is needed.


We have a parcel truck, dolly wheels and a shoulder dolly. We can arrange for a pallet truck but need notice.


A £40 deposit is required for each person who has set aside the day to do the job (driver and labourers). If we have booked travel costs or need to buy accommodation already we will need this to be covered in the deposit also.

Transporting People

If you need personal transport with us in the van/vans please specify prior to the job.