I have experience producing scripted and defined content but specialise in spontaneous content. That might be sports, action, fly on the wall or unscripted interviews and dialogue. My passion is drawing out values in an intuitive way, avoiding telling those on set what to say but allowing them to explain what they do and why, showing interest in them and letting them tell the story through their actions or words. It's the same process whether you are showcasing people, landscapes or animals; you meet them on their terms in their own time. Although the outcome is not as tightly controlled as a minutely scripted work I believe that ultimately it gives the viewer an authentic insight that is meaningful and trustworthy because it intimately involves those in the video. Sometimes this process takes time so I have an onsite editing suite, charging capacity, equipment storage and accommodation in the form of a Mercedes Luton van.

My skills are particularly suited to:

     - Weddings

     - Documenting public events

     - fly on the wall ads

     - Fundraising for charities or community projects

     - Personal stories and video obituaries


4k as standard
On site editing suite
7 years of videography experience