• Optima 12



    The Optima12 is a darkroom processor and washer, dedicated processor or dedicated washer, it's modular design enables flexibilty, like no other on the market. It is designed to process RC and FB paper, PCB boards and Glass plates up to 16"x12" (40.6 x 30.5mm) print size

    The deep slot design has several advantages over trays; reduced size, reduced darkroom air toxicity (due to 95% reduction in evaporation), increased chemical life (due to 95% reduction in surface area and oxidization) and higher thermal efficiency. It has less than one minute setup for room temperature processes as chemicals are stored inside the chemical pods with specially made lids.


    Further advantages of this particular design of deep slot unit are comprehensive. It is a complete unit, Optima12 is the first darkroom tank that acts as a processor, a washer, a film processor and a combination of the above. It's unique design allows adaption, separators, chemical/toner processes, flow pipes, holders and a heater to be added to perfectly meet your needs, to be easily replaced and upgraded as your inspiration and skill requires.

    It can be used with the Paddle Holders or your existing clips so long as they are no wider than 12mm.

    Notably, the Optima12 has a unique wash system. Most washers use lots of water and effectively dilute chemical out of the tank. The Optima12 employs an upstream flow method that uses a very low flow rate with each slot being drained from the bottom. This relative stillness enables the density of the chemical to remove itself by falling to the bottom of the tank and being taken away by a gentle flow once there. This means that the tank actively removes only the most chemical rich water present rapidly reaching purity, putting no stress on the print, and reducing water use.

    Finally, speed, the Optima12 has a warm up time less than 1/10 that of any other processor on the market. This is because in addition to warming up the main water bath with a heater, hot tap water can be piped directly into the tank to prime the unit offering a warm up time of minutes.



    12mm branded Cast Perspex construction

    12x 5mm perspex wash slots (holds a maximum of 12)
    3 chemical pods (holds a maximum of 7, with up to 4 being heated)
    3 colour coded lids
    Eheim 250w Heater
    Adjustable feet for levelling

    Water in pipe using hozelock fittings
    Drain pipe using hozelock fittings
    Hozelock tap connector
    Flow meter