TurnTable: RPG Map Table and TV Stand
  • TurnTable: RPG Map Table and TV Stand

    *Does not include screen*

    A unique way of having a digital RPG Map Table without having to buy an additional screen or take up any extra space. The TurnTable is produced in the UK from FSC cavity free birch ply and stainless steel fixings.

    > Use TurnTable to watch the TV
    > On games night, switch it round so that it's a table and use a computer, tablet phone or USB stick to stream still or moving images of a game board or RPG/Wargames map
    > Cover it in acetate film to protect it from fingerprints and scratches, or in acetate film with printed squares of hexes to aid gameplay (see here)
    > Cover it in clear Acrylic sheet or glass to make the table surface larger and entirely waterproof. Acrylic sheets cut to size are available to order online or from most hardwear stores
    > Use it to 'save game': Take a picture of your board game from above with your mobile phone, and next time you come to play you can stream the saved picture onto the TV. This allows you a 1:1 scale diagram of where to put every counter, card and mini so you can put them back in exactly the same position to continue gameplay
    > Use it as an interactive office desktop
    > Use it as a Coffee Table with a wide variety of moving patterns/screensavers

    • Specification

      - Fits all TVs with vesa mountings (99.9% of TVs)
      - Fits all TVs up to 55" and nearly all TVs of 60"

      > The acetate film (bought separately) is hard wearing and prevents scratches from normal items you would play with in RPG games.
      > An acrylic sheet tabletop spreads any pressure over a wide area, makes it shock resistant and waterproof.
      > Regarding bodyweight: People use their elbows to lean on dining room tables, they don't tend to put elbows or weight on coffee tables unless they adopt a very strange and uncomfortable sitting position! TurnTable is slightly higher than a coffee table, and doesn't have people leaning on it for that reason.
      > We recognise that some modern TVs are very thin, there are additional struts that have been incorporated into the design to support such TVs, these come free with the TurnTable.

      Disclaimer: Despite there being a long standing tradition of many people using TVs as gaming tables, most TV's are not specifically designed for horizontal use. You retain all responsibility for your TV, the seller is not responsible for any screen you use with the TurnTable. If in doubt consider using cheaper, second hand TVs or screens designed for horizontal use.